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Career plans

I’m a software engineer with 6+ years experience.
I’ve been focused on writing better and better Java code. I’ve encouraged
people increase their skills. Today, I think that I did it well. But now I
want to improve myself. I want to be fluent in English in a few months and
get in groups highly qualified. I’m an hard working person and I train long
hours to be an excellent Java architect.
In next 5 years, I want a work from home and I’ll continue improving my
skills to get this goal.

Office culture in Brazil

The office culture where I work is casual. The men wear polo shirts, blue
jeans and casual shoes. The women wear more or less the same, but their
variety of shirts are wider. They often wear skirts too.
When we talk about executives, this changes totally. Men must wear
conservative, dark colored business suits. Women must wear suits or dresses
that are elegant and feminine with good quality accessories. In both cases,
you should never dispense an excellent coffee.
It’s good practice to break the ice before starting business. Always look a
person in the eyes. Then, you must be objective. Oral communication is
Always have in your plans excellent proposals.


Home Improvement

I’ve never heard about Josh Woodward, but I definitely loved this song and
his work.
It’s about a guy that sold his house, bought a trailer and say things about
his life. Of course, all his sentiments is present in his music. The melody
is addictive. He has an amazing range. It had a wild and exciting feeling.
I’ve listened an acoustic version in youtube and is great! It’s only voice
and acoustic guitar.
His job in internet is very interesting because his music is shared free.
You only should get in his site and download the musics.



Writing about education in your country

A friend is considering moving to your country to study. Write a paragraph
explaining a bit about education in your country. What is an important
trend? What’s typical? What’s your position on these ideas?

The education in Brazil goes through terrible problems.
First, the government’s expected that education in Brazil solve alone.
Second, the teacher training is very weak, beyond their low wages. Everyone
in the country is concerned about have children or not. The private school
are really expensive and all are geared for college entrance. Students from
public school suffer from neglect and constant strikes. The best
universities are public and you should be prepared for those problems
mentioned and run out other ways to complete your degree.
I’ll help you!! Come here!

Writing about your hopes and dreams

Hello Mom, Tammy and I dream to work from home. I hope that it will happen
in the next few months because I’ll be named for the positions that I
applied for in a selection some days ago.
All employees in this company work from their homes. Working from home,
makes people happier and more motivated because of a series of advantages.
After that, I can return to Goiania/Brazil and stay near to you. I really
want to go back.
When I was there last month, I saw you, Mariana and my mother in law were
very cheerful. It made me very happy and sometimes I think I’m being unfair
to not go back.

Writing about tv in your country

In my country, there are too many channels from other countries on TV.
Almost all of these channels are from the US and of course, bring all
violence together.
The Brazilian government created a law to have some Brazilian program for
the wider audience on all channels. If we didn’t do this, we’d watch only
programs coming from abroad countries.
I feel strongly that despite cooking shows, some TV companies have been
seeing that need to change your program grid to raise their audience. They
are creating educational programs. The cartoons has been improving too.
After Netflix, some channels are decreasing the number of commercials and
it’s help a lot. It’s a lot of horrible information.

Responding to a job advertisement

Hi Josh,
My name is Marcos de Carvalho Oliveira.
I’m from Brazil and I’m writing in response to your computer programmer
I’m system analyst in Telefonica and I’ve been working for 8 years. I have
a high experience in Java Technology. I’ve developing through Spring, SOA
and Restful Services.
I don’t have problem to change of my country and my family would like to
change to another country for improve our lives. I’m married and I have a
daughter. My English is good but I’ve working to improve it.
If you have any doubt about me, you can ask me. I’m available for interview
I have attached my CV to this email.

Achieving your goals

travel around the world, write a novel, run a marathon, make a lot of
money, work from home, learn to dance.

Now give each of these people advice.
You can always take singing lessons.
Have you thought about doing volunteer work?

What is your dream for the future?

Correct phrases to use:
In my childhood, my dream was to be famous.
My dream is to open my own business.
To speak a language better and have the opportunity to work abroad.

Brain It On

“Brain It On” is an excellent puzzle game for mobile phones.
The main goal is to draw shapes to solve challenging physics puzzles. For example, if you draw a ball at the top of the screen, this ball will fall and jump until be stable. So, you need draw something that will solve the problem fast and with the least possible designs.
When you reach the goal, you pass to another more difficult level. It’s an extremely addictive game! When you start play this game, you will want to go through all the stages as quickly as possible.
Let’s play together!
Download the game!

Writing a Short Business Proposal

The current problems are applications made by software factory.

The responsible know how their applications should work and the factory wants to charge us to do knowledge transfer. I am proposing to write how the flow should work through business analyst, select some developers and when have new demands, these developers spent some time to learn that.
The biggest disadvantage is to spent more time than real, but even with knowledge transfer, we will have problems with that.
So, what do you think is better for us?
Go ahead and do that?

Best regards,