Notes About Protocol and HTTP

What are the components of a protocol?


What is HTTP?

A communication protocol that is based on a client/server model
A communication protocol commonly used by web browsers


What are some of the reasons that HTTP is commonly used for mobile to cloud communication?
There is significant existing investment and infrastructure for HTTP communication


What are HTTP request methods?
An indication of an action that a client would like the server to apply to a resource


Which of the following are possible components of an HTTP request?
A Content-type for a body included with the request
A Request Body
Request Line


What is URL encoding?
An alternative representation of certain characters that can be placed in a URL


What is the purpose of the content-type header?
To tell either the client or server the format of the data included in a request or response body


What is the purpose of the numeric code included in the status line of an HTTP response?
To provide an indication of what happened when the server processed the request


Which of the following are possible outcomes of a request that a server could indicate with a 2XX response code?
The request was successfully processed


Which of the following are true of cookies?
They are small pieces of data that the server indicates should be included by the client in future requests


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