[Composing – 13] Oliver Twist

Oliver Twist is story happened at the nineteenth Century in England. He is an orphan boy and poor child. He lived in a workhouse. A workhouse was a place where poor people lived. They had to work a lot to eat and live in these places.

Someday, Oliver asks for more food and he was foully hurt. He decided run out of the workhouse and found out a simple way to live. Suddenly, he met a boy that pays food of him. This boy led him to a dirty house and Oliver met Fagin. Fagin is a robber but Oliver did not know that. Fagin taught Oliver how to be a thief. However, Oliver has a pure heart and thought that they were joking.

Three days after meeting Fagin he went out with other boys to thief. The boys tried to steal without success and ran away. Oliver was caught by the police and an old man helped him. The old man was Mr. Brownlow. Oliver went to Mr. Brownlow’s house and began to live happy. Someday, when he went out for the first time, a woman grabbed him and led him to Fagin´s house.

Fagin was angry and we, readers, found out that Oliver had a brother. The brother paid Fagin to teach Oliver how to a thief. Oliver’s brothers wanted Oliver arrested or hanged.

When Oliver is taken away to his second robbery, he was left behind and met a new woman. This woman saw him and knew that this boy was not a thief. She tried helping Oliver and took care of him. Oliver told his story and they decided to talk to Mr. Brownlow. Mr. Brownlow was very happy when he saw for Oliver. He found out that the boy was his friend’s son that died some years ago. Oliver’s father was a rich man and left an inheritance for Oliver and his brother.

In the end of the book everybody that were helping Oliver’s brother to be arrested or hanged. Mr. Brownlow bought a house nearby for Oliver and they lived happy again.

Marcos Carvalho

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