Advising on a Website Design Spec

Dear client,

I have just received information regarding your website design spec. But I have some doubts yet.
I understand that our main goal is to increase the business.
First we would like show a description product in a new page. One page for each product, being that these pages should have some images.
Second, a new page for 60-day money-back guarantee, describe how works and added value that clients have. Contact page and finally, create a main page well interactive for users have better navigation possible.
I would like create a page with testimonials too. How do you prefer this page? Connected with the products or branded? So, we achieve in the end a client with more interest in your products.
What do you think? Is this you expected?
It's important include some keywords in a website code. When people use search engine tools, show your products in the first of the list.
Please, let me know if you have any questions. Our company want achieve your interest in all points.
If you have any new suggestions, this is the moment.


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