Social networking

## How often do you visit social networking sites?

## What words of caution would you give someone who wants to create an
online profile on a social networking site?

## Did you use any of these phrases to give advice?
Can you think of any more?

### had better -
talk to about someone - essential - must do
you had better be careful with your private information online, or someone
might use it against you

### ought to -
Same meaning should - suggestion
You ought to make your profile under a false name.

### must
You must be careful when talking to strangers online.

### might consider
You might consider not uploading any picture.

### might think about

### could
make suggestions too

Which of the phrases express optional things?
Which express essential things?

## What advice would you give?
1. You ought to be extremely careful.
2. You should hide your personal information from public view.
3. You might think about screening the photos that you upload.
4. You might consider using an avatar instead of your real photo.
5. You could limit your connections to people you know.
6. You must set your privacy level in the site settings.
7. You had better be wary (cauteloso) of scams (golpes).

scams - try to get your money, chick you

Must piece of advice here.

## You have been chatting with someone you met on a social networking site
for the last three months, and now they want to meet you in person.

Student A: Ask Student B for advice on what you should do.
Student B: Give Student A advice on the best way to handle the situation.

Do you think I should meet this person?
I think it'll be fine, but you might consider bringing a friend with you.

I met a person on the internet.

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