Better Justice System

I recently attended a presentation about justice system in US. The
presenter was Adam Foss and he was in an event Ted Talks. I love the format
of TED. The presentation are given through storytelling and the people
which are called to be a presenter, have 15 minutes to show your point of
view. It's a wonderful way of sharing stories and everyone was amazed with
his history.
First, Adam was not nice. He asked about who have been committed a small
crime when they were teenagers. After he increased the small crime until
arrived in a big crime and everybody thinks that he must be arrested. So,
he showed us that someone that has a criminal record, don't have any chance
of survive and maintain a home in US. This person is likely to commit new
crimes. So, someone helped him and today, he is a prosecutor and works with
this type of case.

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