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[Composing – 14] Transcendence

Transcendence is an excellent movie and it leads us to thinking in important problems about our existence. Worldwide problems like the lack of food, pollution in earth, health system e etcetera were solved on nanotechnology and the best of the movie is discussing it. So, I will get started.

In the beginning, a brilliant computer scientist adding succeeds artificial intelligence in a monkey. His name is Dr. Will Caster. He started a discussion about that and led the academic community to thinking about future of technology and showing the benefits of artificial intelligence in saving the planet. What the AI could do and held evolution enough to save the planet. However, many people did not believe that this could be happen in such a simple form. Probably, the artificial intelligence would devastate the world. So, one group tried killing him without success. But the bullet was poisoned with radiation and began affecting him. Will Caster's wife did not want to see him dead. So she persuades him to transfer his intelligence and personality to the computer so it could be liberated in the internet and dispersed in the world.

This new computer discovered nanotechnology, the secret of millions of diseases, helps policies solving many cases and reconstructed the human body perfectly. Someday, Will Caster's work suffered an accident and he save his life. Will Caster's wife felt bad with what happened and she gave her opinion about it with other computer scientist.

These scientists wanted to destroy the computer because after the computer saved lives, it could control people that it saved. They discovered that Will Caster’s nanotechnology disseminated throughout the planet and they started a plan to destroy him. The plan turned off permanently all electricity of the world. Scientists got it and after discovered that the machine saved the planet. Deserts were transforming in to wide forests. The water was purified. Toxic wastes disappeared. The sky was free of pollution. In the end, his wife became part of his code and we, watchers, discovered that one part of them continued alive.

Marcos Carvalho