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First Steps

  • Before everything, the bike was on my Wedding Cake.
  • I've always had a bicycle. I got my first bike when I was 7 years old.
  • I made friends who liked the same hobby.
  • There were some bike rides in Brasília and I always went to these rides. Sometimes alone.
  • Interesting: There was a cemetery to get to school. I crossed as fast as I could to get to school as quickly as possible.


  • Take the bus in Goiânia. No way!
  • I used to go to school by bicycle.
  • Not just school, I went everywhere.
  • Since I started dating my wife, we've gone out everywhere.
  • Of course, we've already fallen off the bicycle. And it wasn't just once.

Buying a Bicycle

A girl consultant shows the buyer in a bicycle store. A young man came to the store to buy a new bicycle. She helps him to choose.

So now, Let's stop talking about me and let's enter the world of bikes

Mountain Bike

The most versatile type available today.

  • More comfortable tires;
  • Many types of frames available;
  • One suspension or full suspension;
  • Usually large handlebars;
  • Disc brakes;
  • usually, 12 speed

Road Bike

  • Also called speed bikes.
  • Usually, light bikes.
  • Very thin tires with a very high calibration.
  • No suspension, until now.
  • aerodynamics.

Races - Tour de France

  • 1903 - annually - except in the world wars.
  • Played in stages - 21 - 23 days - covering about 3 200 km.
  • The Pirineus is a mountain range in southwestern Europe whose mountains form a natural border between France and Spain.
  • Alpes is the highest and most extensive mountain range found entirely in Europe.
  • The time of each cyclist is added to the times of the previous stages.
  • TADEJ POGACAR finished the race last year with 82 hours and 56 minutes.

Yellow jersey: general classification
Polka-dot jersey: Mountains classification
Green jersey: Points classification
White jersey: Young rider classification

Lance Armstrong

  • American former professional road racing cyclist.
  • sports icon for winning the Tour de France seven consecutive times from 1999 to 2005.
  • Armstrong's reputation was tarnished by a doping scandal that led to him being stripped of his Tour de France titles.
  • In 1996, he was diagnosed with a potentially fatal metastatic testicular cancer.
  • "The most sophisticated, professionalized and successful doping program that sport has ever seen".
  • In January 2013, Armstrong publicly admitted his involvement in doping.

Indoor Cycling

  • Time
  • ERG mode is a setting in training platforms such as Zwift, TrainerRoad and Wahoo SYSTM that fixes your power output by automatically adjusting your resistance to match your cadence.
  • Races
  • Group Rides
  • Cost benefit
  • Get Fitter


  • Follow Friends
  • Share activities
  • Healthy competition
  • Groups of Friends
  • Routes
  • Segments


  • Xert is a smart training platform that helps athletes coach themselves, and helps coaches to guide others, using the data from a cycling or running power meter.