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[Composing – 07] Dark Tower

Dark Tower is the biggest series of books written by Stephen King. These books tell the story of "gunslinger" and his fight toward a tower named "Dark Tower".

Dark Tower is a magic tower and it has the power to remain all things in its right order. However, there is something or someone that tries to corrupt it and it got its power.

The gunslinger is a strange guy. When you read about gunslinger you think he is a bad guy. However, readers discover that “Roland Deschain” has proposes and goals extremely defined. He feels that something happens with the Dark Tower and he tries to save it.

In the middle of the story, we discover that the tower lost its force and a simple flower is fighting against dark forces.

The series is excellent and it makes us about think about our lives, in our behaviors, and the person that we might be. King likes to discuss about people and how people act. Because of these facts the story is amazing.

Marcos de Carvalho Oliveira