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[Composing – 11] Why is family so important?

My mom separated from my father when I was two years old. In my childhood, I did not know how it was like having a father. I was growing and I made news friends. Their parents find out my story and they tried decreasing this feeling. In my adolescence, I started to date with my actual wife and my father-in-law did the same. Now I will be a father. What is the feeling now?

I want to be the best father in the world. I want to have experiences with my sons that I have not had. However, how will I do that if I do not know it? I got to the conclusion that it is possible. I am ready. My wife and I have three godchildren. I have some experience in my life. I am more mature than five or ten years ago. We live alone in Curitiba and we want this more than all. We have plenty of love give to our children.

I love my wife. She thinks the same things as me. I hate untutored children. I will be an angry father but not stupid. I have to create my sons for the world. My children will grow up and I want them to say that they had a good life. It is our goal. I got married for it.

People think that I not having had a father was bad for me. Nevertheless, my mom was very special for me. She knew how to take care of my brother and me. Today, we are good men and we are sure, we are to make a better world for us and our sons. My mother has worked hard and we used to travel a lot. She gave education for us. She has love and courage for us and it was essential.

Marcos Carvalho