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[Composing – 08] Living in a house is better than living in a flat

Living in a house is better than living in a flat. Firstly, flats are smaller than any house. Secondly, buildings has increasingly dweller’s number. Therefore, the trouble and noise in these buildings are common. Finally, I would like to increase my privacy because every day, we have less.

I have been living in a flat since I was born. My wife used to live in a house when she was not married. Then, we would have more space because we want to have more children and them need space to walk and run. We would like to have a Labrador Retriever, a Golden Retriever or both. I would like to have a garden and take care of it. When we stay at home, in a flat, sometimes we feel arrested and we feel the necessity to go out.

The noise is a difficult problem. We have been listening noise of flats around our apartment every day. When people discuss among themselves, sometimes we got a conclusion of who is right. The trouble with neighbors are frequent. It is difficult to building manager take care of it. In the building that we live, there are hundred sixty flats. There are days that the building manager is crazy because every neighbor wants something different.

Our next home will be a house for sure. We will have the common problems like to how take care of it or keep it safe for us, but we have privacy. I am sure that this feeling of being arrested will decrease. We will have space for our children and space for us.

Marcos de Carvalho Oliveira