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[Composing – 10] Curitiba Marathon

Last year I ran the Curitiba Marathon. Everyone should run a marathon someday. Because my first marathon was unforgettable. I have prepared myself for this moment for about six months. These six months were very difficult.

I believe that everyone should run a marathon because it requires work hard. Every day in last year, I woke up at six am to run or go to gym. The marathon became one of the major goals of my life. I trained hard and I completed this running in three hours and fifty-three minutes. I suffered a lot in the final moments and in the end, I cried a lot.

This goal was important to me because I have started, I have realized and I have finished it. I have learned once again in my life how I should do everything. The feeling of completing something is amazing. I believe that after this moment I became a better person.

This feeling was when I completed the marathon. Try. Feel it. It is important for you.

Marcos de Carvalho Oliveira