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Notes About Clouds

Which of the following are reasons that username/password logins and session cookies are not ideal for mobile clients?
It isn't possible to easily revoke access to a single app
Changing your password can revoke access to every app that uses it

Which of the following analogies is most appropriate for describing OAuth 2.0?
A valet key for a car

What is the purpose of a password grant in OAuth 2.0?
To obtain a token required for access to one or more resources on the system
To authenticate the user

How is a bearer token used?
It is provided in the Authorization header of a request to prove a client's identity

Which of the following is an example of horizontal scaling?
Adding a new server to support additional load for an application

Which of the following are accurate statements about stateless applications?
They typically allow requests to be routed to any node running an application instance

What is auto-scaling?
Automated addition or removal of computing resources to adapt to changes in an application's load, failures, etc.

Marcos Carvalho