[Composing – 01] Do you think money affects the level of your happiness? How much money do you need to be happy?

Money affects the level of happiness and the others lives. We need money to pay bills, buy things, have a social life, pay courses and trips. However, our lives have values that are not measurable and often we try to calculate the simple values with money.

Which are the important values for you? Love, family, the fellowship that we have in common, the affection, and the time that we do not have anymore. Usually, we put other activities in our free time and It causes a series of problems, for example: We do not have time to give people that want to be with us; time to think of real things; time to do charity. When we do this, we decrease the value mentioned above.

What is wrong? Each one has to think more about this. We usually sell our time to pay more bills or other useless things. Where are values if I sell all time? We do not have love if we do not have time to cultivate it.

If you have much money, do you stop looking for it? I do not have enough to think of it. People that have enough money cannot answer this question because they would like to do many things with the money that they have not earned yet.

Marcos de Carvalho Oliveira

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