[Composing – 02] Necessity of learning English

English is a widely spoken language in the world. However, what is the real necessity of learning English in a country that it is not the native language?

I have been studying English mainly to talk and understand the world around me. The majority of the books are writen in English. When someone writes about a new technology for sure, his book will be in English. Therefore, if you do not speak English, and if this new technology really get the majority of companies, perhaps this book will be translate to Portuguese.

MOOC, or “Massive Open Online Course”, is a tendency important for us from IT. If you do not participate at least once a year, you will be late. Unfortunately, the most of these courses are in English.

Now, learning English is a mania that many people have acceded. This is not a reason to judge people. It is an interesting tendency mainly because the people are studying it and this is great. Another reason is that Portuguese there are many words in English that people say all the time. How not to be interested?

Therefore, English is very important. Of course, that each one has their opinion about it, but not studying English is not an option anymore.

Marcos de Carvalho Oliveira

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