[Composing – 05] Is everything conspiracy?

Elvis Presley faked his own death. The Aids virus was create in a laboratory. Global warming is a hoax. These are conspiracy theories hard to believe. However, could not these conspiracy theories be true?

I did not live when Presley was alive. He should not have had peace in his life. Maybe, he decided to change his life and he has hidden. Some say he died in the ninetieths. It could have happened, mainly because his death happened very fast and it was very strange. He died at home after he went to the dentist. Perhaps, he went to Mars and he liked the Martians.

Dr. William Campbell Douglass said that HIV was genetically engineered in 1974. I don’t know his theories but I believe in it. I believe that HIV was created in a laboratory and many companies, nations earn money with HIV. AZT is the main drug and it is very expensive. We are in 2014. HIV is forty years old. It is difficult to believe that there isn’t a vaccine for Aids. Some people say that HIV was created to control the number of people and reduce the world population. We have vaccine for everything, but HIV.

Sceptics believe that Global Warming is a conspiracy theory because the government includes taxes to people, increases the control and authoritarian of government. This could be true. Therefore, everyone realizes the difference in climate. Something is happening. We are destroying the environment. There are more people in the world. The animals are disappearing. These facts trend grow very fast over time.

We don’t know If conspiracy theories are facts or not. Because of these, some people increase stories and create jokes. Anyway, we have many questions about it.

Marcos de Carvalho Oliveira

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