[Composing – 04] How far should you go online?

There is no limit to go online. However, it became a social problem. The first problem is that there are many companies that have been filtrating our search and reading our emails. Second, is how far you must go online? Third question is if there must be limits.

The first problem above is terrible. There are companies that read our emails. When they do that, they know everything about our lives. However, this do not main problem. The real problem is that companies filtrate options and show for us other companies and relational stuff of their interest. There are many people protesting for it and others like that. We have to remember that companies work to earn more money. There is always have some manipulation to earn more money. So, how do you read or listen protest about it if the internet manipulated?

We have to emphasize in people and relationship. When we go deep in to something, we forget the side of the coin. However, if you want to go ahead in a study or in our work, the correct it is to specialize.

Of course, limits should be constructed and it has happens over time. Every person has your own limit. However, there are people that lost the control of their life. Post many things in internet without necessity and check the messages all the time. It became a society of superficial people and sire new problems.

We like to be connected and informed. However, people lost control about it. Whom the companies cannot insert in this earth yet, it is your goal too. We need know controlling it. We need values. We need friends. We need talk. We need live our life. The technology helps us but we know separate it and live the life without connected too.

Marcos de Carvalho Oliveira

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