[Composing – 03] Dubai’s Airport

Last Saturday, I watched in Discovery Channel a program about Dubai’s airport. This documentary shows three workers of the airport and showed their responsibilities.

The first worker aim is to control the time of the aircraft on the ground. He is a manager that controls other workers’ jobs. The aircraft that he controls in the moment of the documentary is an A380 and the aircraft can stay three hours on the ground.

He has many problems and each problem is different. One of the problems was a luggage door. It was a giant door and it delayed the luggage of five hundred sixty passengers. Usually other problems happen with special needs people and the passengers that are late for the flight.

The second worker is a woman that controls the cleaners. The cleaners have about forty minutes to clean the entire airplane. However, they were late because the aircraft was not free to clean. They can only clean the aircraft if the passengers left it. It happens all the time. After passengers release the plane, cleaners finished their job in twenty minutes.

The third worker has the function of clearing the runway of the aircraft. When one aircraft is landing, it loses a lot of tire rubber and the track gets slippery over time. It takes 3 hours to clean each track per week and if the runway is not completely clean, the track keeps closed. In this airport, there are four tracks. One track closed, it means many passengers without flying.

In the end of the program, workers end their jobs. They are tired but pleased and waiting for the next flight.

Marcos de Carvalho Oliveira

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